Your Personal Data

What personal data will we hold?

We hold records names, address, emails and sometimes phone numbers of customers who order with us.

Where do we hold your data?

This is kept securely on our online account system which is password protected and used only by Booktides' operator. Your payment details are never seen or held by Booktides in any form. 

Why we need your data.

We need your details for the purpose of delivering your order and contacting you about your order. These details are kept by us in case we need to follow up anything about your order.

How Booktides uses your personal data on our website.

We use your data for processing your online order and to contact you for any necessary follow-up regarding your order. We will not contact you, including emailing you, with marketing unless you opt in to receive email advertising from us.

Who we share your data with.

We never sell your data to third parties and your data is only shared with necessary parties such as our website host, Shopify, and trusted payment platforms Shopify and PayPal.

Deleting your data held by us.

If you wish to have your data changed or removed from our records please contact us and we will change or remove your data as soon as possible, which must  by law,  be within one month.

Reporting a breach and making a complaint 

Booktides will report any breach of data held, to customers and to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). You can find out information on making a complaint about your data usage to the ICO on this site: