Frequently Asked Question

Do your photo albums have plastic sleeves?

No. Our albums are traditional with beautiful plain, acid-free pages which means your photos won't fade like those in plastic sleeve albums.

How do I put my photos in the albums?

We recommend using photo corners which don't damage your photos and you can even change the photos around as the whim takes you! We add a free box of transparent photo corners with every album order. Place one on each corner of your photo and simply press onto the page. 

How do I order a book with my family tartan?

Purchase your book of choice from the 'Bespoke Tartan' range and we'll contact you for your choice of tartan.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! We sell wholesale to retailers as well as offering discounted prices for large order. Contact us for our wholesale prices.

Can you give me the sizes in inches?

With pleasure...

A6 = 15 x 11cm = 5.9 x 4.3"

A5 = 21 x 15cm = 8.2 x 5.9"

A4 = 21 x 30cm = 11.8 x 8.2"

21cm sq = 8.2" sq

30cm sq = 12" sq

Medium Album = 22.5 x 23cm = 8.8 x 9”

Large Album = 35cm sq = 13.7” sq

Extra Large Album 35 x 42cm = 13.7 x 16.5”